2degrees app on a mobile phone

Making the big call

2degrees mobile app design and development

2degrees came to Alphero as a challenger brand wanting to outclass the bigger telcos with “the best app in New Zealand”. We needed to produce a solution that could meet a whole host of different customers needs and expectations, and provide an experience that was so good, it would become the channel of choice. 

Our new improved mobile app smashed every single KPI that was set for it.  And it wasn’t just users who were thrilled. For 2degrees, this project became the benchmark for how they wanted to do digital going forward.

How can I help?

2degrees were getting a lot of calls - many of them involving basic queries around plans and add-ons. They wanted to reduce reliance on their call centres and enable and empower their customers to manage their mobile accounts day-to-day, directly from their phones. Whether it was quick answers about data or being able to personalise their plans, 2degrees wanted to make life easier for every type of customer, placing everything they needed at their fingertips. It was a simple goal that belied an incredibly complex process…

Mobilising the data

To help us understand exactly what users need, we went into the call centres to hear from them firsthand. We learned that they wanted more control and the ability to manage their accounts on their own schedules.

We then profiled 2degrees’ extensive user base to understand the hundreds of possibilities in play, and began to map all of these data models and user types into one adaptable user experience.

Because 2degrees connect hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders nationwide everyday, across many different types of plans and accounts - and often with multiple people linked to one profile - there were many variables. These customers could have queries around data, roaming, add-ons, connections, carry over.. the list was long. Regardless of their set-up, we needed to ensure these customers had a consistent - and consistently great - experience with this mobile app to win them over.

Blue print sheets with mobile phone icon centred with arrows pointing towards icons of different people.

Using real customer data, we rapidly produced complex wireframes based on the different user scenarios. We then ran focus groups and held one-on-one user testing sessions where we trialled problem statements, flows, icons and interactions. We ran an ongoing process of testing and validating, iterating on the designs as we went.

All of this activity ensured that our designs were built for purpose and would genuinely be meeting the needs of 2degrees customers.

2degrees app with arrows pointing out from the buttons to bigger components of what is lead to from that button including your bill, buy add-ons and data usage.

Ring in the changes

The new mobile app also helped to set the visual brand direction for 2degrees. We worked closely with their brand agency partner to bring the look and feel of the brand to life throughout the mobile app. Some of the visual elements we created, such as the speech bubbles delivering information to users, were then incorporated back into their overarching brand approach.

Power in their pockets

Whether upgrading their plan, buying an add-on, topping up, or just checking their balance and usage, users can now do this quickly and easily, while they’re on the go. Not only did they appreciate the way it catered to their needs, they loved the whole experience, from the playful illustrations and dynamic interactions, to the clever use of 2degrees’ classic Kiwi tone of voice throughout.

3 mobile phones with different screens within the 2degrees mobile app

Keeping it cool

Our teamie Georgia kicked off her career working on 2degrees and is now a Senior Designer. She says, “What made this project so great was that the whole team at 2degrees were open to new ideas, being challenged and striving to create the best product possible. We were all super proud of what we achieved.”

A woman smiling while wearing ski googles and a warm jacket.

Great reception

More than just designing and delivering a slick new self-service mobile app, we also helped 2degrees rethink their way of working. Through this project they developed a much deeper appreciation of human-centered design and customer experience best practice across the entire organisation.

They adopted an agile approach, working in sprints to deliver continuous improvements. App features led to a new understanding, which spawned new products and services, which required new mobile app features, which delivered further insights, and the cycle continued…

In working with you guys we have proven that things can be done differently... you have had a profound effect on the work culture and practices of the team.

Pete Doherty