Building the future

We work with businesses big and small across New Zealand, to build digital services that make a difference for all of Aotearoa. From 2degrees to TVNZ, RNZ, Discovery, MetService, Drive Go, My Covid Record and more, you’ll find we’re behind many of the sites and apps you already know well.

Our developers use fresh, modern, reusable code bases and strategic architecture to future-proof our solutions, all while ensuring that accessibility and security are baked in at every level. This talented and dedicated team ensures we are able to deliver on the bold and inventive digital experiences that we envision. They take pride in producing rock-solid, high-quality products at pace, with design vision brought to life to the nearest pixel.


A best practice solutions architecture flexes and scales for tomorrow, but enables the MVP for today. We can help you define and set your architectural direction and reference digital architecture.  We provide strategic advice on everything from best-fit digital technology choices to best practice security (including access control and identity verification).

Our solutions architects bring hands-on experience of the breadth of mobile and web technology options; cloud platforms; API structures; and AI enablers. All the way through to feedback on maturity of emerging tech.


As a business, we cut our teeth on mobile, producing some of the most significant landmark apps of the last 10 years. We’re known for producing lush interactions, complex data visualisation, as well as surfacing the smart stuff via API integration, computer vision, AI and other smart functionality. We build native applications for iOS and Android using Swift and Kotlin, and single codebase frameworks like flutter. Better still, because we’re specialists, we’re really fast at it too.

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Our web team is on a continual journey to push boundaries and make more effective sites that are fluid, responsive, and mobile-first. They are passionate about accessibility - ensuring these services are inclusive and intuitive for all the people who use them - and take a very modern approach to site structure.

We build Single Page Applications (SPAS) using ReactJS and NextJS, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and excel at everything from full stack to elegant interfaces, to the APIs that support them. With My Covid Record, the team were able to produce a platform that was then rolled out to 3.5 million people over a matter of weeks.

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Cloud and AI

We engineer and architect right down the stack - building and configuring the underlying infrastructure-as-code, APIs and smart foundations that support the exceptional experiences we deliver. Our cloud capabilities extend agnostically across AWS, Google Cloud and Azure - and beyond into a wide range of AI or ML as-a-service platforms and frameworks to bring intelligent capabilities into our solutions.


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NicDevelopment Director
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BrendonPrincipal Consultant - Security
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ChrisWeb Lead
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EujPrincipal Consultant
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IliaAndroid Lead
JoshAndroid Lead
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ChrisWeb Developer
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ConnoriOS Developer
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DallanWeb Developer
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EloniOS Developer
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JadeAndroid Developer
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JediOS Developer
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JohnWeb Developer
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JonahWeb Developer
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LauryniOS Developer
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ManishaWeb Developer
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NateAndroid Developer
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PeterTech Lead
VladimirAndroid Developer