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Website and web app development

Our web developers deliver beautiful, responsive, high quality websites and web apps that have built in flexibility to extend for the future.

They are specialists in data visualisation and complex self-service and have produced these sites for businesses big and small, across New Zealand (and beyond) - from online banking to Metservice (the 4th most visited site in the country) to consumer self-service for Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand. They’re also responsible for making this very site look so snazzy.

Accessible and inclusive

The team is on a continual journey to push boundaries and make more effective sites that are fluid, responsive, and mobile-first. They are passionate about accessibility - ensuring these services are inclusive and intuitive for all the people who use them - and take a very modern approach to site structure.

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They build Single Page Applications (SPAs) using modern, reusable code bases based on ReactJS and NextJS, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and excel at everything from full stack to elegant interfaces, to the APIs that support them.

And they do all of this while ensuring that accessibility and security is baked in at every level. With My Covid Record, the team were able to produce an extremely modern platform that was rolled out to 3.5 million people over a matter of weeks.

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Web clients

Web Developers

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EmlynWeb Lead
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ChrisWeb Developer
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DallanWeb Developer
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EmilyWeb Developer
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ManishaWeb Developer