A woman wearing glasses and a black top

Caroline Dewe



A mantra for Caroline’s groundbreaking career to date could be this: Fix your sights firmly on the future, keep moving fearlessly towards it, and bring everyone else along for the ride! This approach was evident in her early years at MBIE, where she taught government workers to embrace the first online systems, and during her time at Ericsson and then Fronde where she helped deliver the first mobile platforms for Telecom, ASB, BNZ; the world’s first mobile parking solution, with Vodafone (TXT-a-park), and the first mobile banking app service for Kiwibank - which was later rolled it out for banks all around the world. But it’s probably never been truer than when she co-founded Alphero in 2010, as a way to work together with clients to produce brave and impactful digital experiences, while ensuring they are always designed with both heart and purpose and delivered true to vision, time and budget. Other hallmarks of Caroline’s operating style include bringing boundless energy to everything she does, talking faster than most of us can take it in, being an excellent cook, an awesome present buyer, a builder of impressive lego creations and the devoted owner of three Burmese cats and one very beloved golden retriever called George.

Time at Alphero13 years