Stelios Manousakis

Delivery Manager

Stelios is always willing to take a walk in the customer’s shoes and look at a product through their eyes, which is part of what makes him great at ensuring that the very best solutions get delivered to market. That they’re on time, on budget and contract compliant is part and parcel of that. Stelios began his career in the private banking world but switched into the digital space at Westpac, where he worked on proposition design and product ownership of mobile and online banking, the marketing site and more. From there he headed up the online channels team at NZ Post before bringing his expertise home to Alphero. Stelios is a passionate foodie and loves visiting his extended family back in Greece because they always want to feed him! His own speciality is rustling up an excellent spanakopita. Fun fact about Stelios: He was a volunteer ‘venue host’ at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Time at Alphero5 years