Pets of Alphero

Some cute characters

Meet the animals behind the people who do the amazing work at Alphero. Yes, we’re a great bunch of humans, but we’re backed by a wonderful team of creatures who bring us much joy (and the occasional expensive vet visit).

Our puppy pals

Come into the Alphero offices anytime, and you might be lucky enough to spot one of these delightful dogs keeping a watchful eye on their owners. They’re a welcome addition to any working day.

Bone shaped snag with Dalmatian puppy Luna jumping forward

Our feline friends

While our cats are less likely to show their furry faces at work - tied up with their own engagements, you see - we still love to share cute pictures of them sleeping in random places.

Fishbone shaped snag with Otto the cat ready for belly rubs

Our horse heroes

Holding their own in the equine department are these strong and stately members of our core pet crew. From miniatures to thoroughbreds, we’ve got a mix of personalities and talents in the stable.

Hoof shaped snag with Indy the pony

Pup on in

From cats, dogs and horses to other kinds of crazy critters (including one pet spider), our creatures are a diverse bunch and so are we. At Alphero we welcome one and all and offer many great benefits to working here. We’re talking birthday leave, mentoring and training, a fancy new phone and more. Sound good?

George the dog being pet in the Alphero office