Screens showing three mobile apps (ThreeNow, Red Energy and MetService) that Alphero has designed.

Creating apps with impact

Mobile app development

Alphero is one of Aotearoa’s leading digital agencies. We design and build bold, engaging and inventive digital experiences for businesses big and small, across a range of industries - media, finance, government, energy, health, telcos and more - in New Zealand and beyond.

Our work

We’ve created some of the most significant apps of the past decade and specialise in both large scale mass market apps for consumers and bespoke workforce apps for staff. We design and build robust, secure, highly performant products - but with all the bling you could want! From lush interaction and motion design to incredible data visualisations, along with surfacing the smart stuff via API integration, computer vision, AI and other smart functionality.

Phone screen with app icons for apps that Alphero has created (TVNZ+, ThreeNow, Red Energy, MetService, Drive Go)

Our dedicated team of experts

Our mobile app team is one of the largest in the country, with dedicated iOS and Android specialists producing bespoke, tailored solutions for our clients. We are experts in UX/UI best practice and use fresh, modern, reusable code bases (Swift, SwiftUI, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose and Flutter), and strategic architecture to future-proof our solutions. We also ensure that accessibility is baked in from the beginning.
Our team understands the complete Android and Apple ecosystem, so whether it’s for TV, tablet, phone, car, wearables or spatial computing, we have experience with them all.

iOS logo with text "10 iOS innovators" overlapping Android logo with text "Android aficionados"

Mobile clients

If you’ve got a tricky challenge that needs solving or a big vision you want to bring to life then we’d love to help…

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