A man wearing clear glasses and a business shirt is smiling.

Mark Dangerfield


Strategy Director

Mark has always found himself at the forefront of new and emerging customer channels and experiences. He started out in the first banking call centre in the 90s, worked with an internet startup in the early 2000s in London and later moved into online banking for Westpac in the 2010s. With product management experience in the mix too, he knows exactly what it takes to get successful solutions to market. It’s important to know that Mark isn’t named Dangerfield for nothing: he’s swam with piranhas in Brazil, jumped gorges in Zambia, sandboarded dunes in Peru and can now be found ripping up and down Wellington’s trails on his mountain bike. For a gentler excursion, he loves to take off with the family in their 40 year old campervan, which he repairs as much as he drives.

Time at Alphero8 years