Producing exceptional outcomes

Quality assurance, project management and digital support

We create digital solutions that disrupt and transform businesses and organisations for the better - from big corporates to new start-ups to government departments serving all of Aotearoa. But we know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to delivery so we adapt how we work to meet the needs of each client. Our mission is to keep a constant line of sight on your strategic vision, while carving a clear path to getting there. The magic comes from the combined expertise of our whole team. Our epic client and project managers are comfortable with ambiguity, don’t shy away from delivering the hard stuff, and thrive on achieving amazing results at pace. And this effort is always underpinned by our twin values of quality and heart.


Our quality mindset is evident at each stage throughout the product life cycle: our UX designers are strong at considering exceptions and error conditions early, our developers build in unit testing as they go, accessibility is factored in from the outset, and our QA team review the work at every stage - not just at the end. All of these elements help to ensure an exceptional outcome for clients and an outstanding experience for users.

When design and development are done in separate places by different businesses the results don’t always marry up. When we do the work, you can be assured that the design vision you sign off on, is exactly what you’ll get. In fact, with our developers and QA team proactively making improvements as they go - what you get is even better!

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Project management

We deliver with you, not at you! While the majority of our clients prefer Agile project methods, our experience is that each client (and each project) is just a wee bit different. Our delivery framework is founded in Agile principles and pragmatism - while never losing sight of the lofty vision. This approach allows us to adapt and flex our ways of working with each client, or your own unique take on things. Our goal is always to deliver on promises, and for your team and ours to have a great experience getting there.

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Releasing a product is just the beginning. Most of our clients choose us over years not months. We don’t deliver a product and move on to the next shiny thing, we help them look after it and make it better. From standing design and development teams supporting rolling improvements, to maintenance that includes both reactive and proactive support so that issues don’t come up. Our mobile apps and websites are checked against new devices and operating systems so we know that nothing will break, and we keep track of 3rd party frameworks and SDKs that need to be updated.

We even do experience and accessibility reviews to revalidate that more mature solutions are meeting user and business goals. Continually optimising and evolving a digital service to both enhance the user experience, and optimise the business impacts is where the good stuff is.

Delivery team

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CraigClient Director
A man in a brown long sleeve shirt
AndrewDelivery Director
SteliosDelivery Manager
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ChrisProject Manager
Man with blue eyes, glasses and a moustache. Wearing a black jacket and Red and white striped t- shirt.
DarianProject Manager
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JulieanneProject Manager
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ChrisSupport Manager
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ShayQA Manager
Women wearing glasses and a black shirt, smiling.
JadeQA Lead Analyst
A man smiling and wearing a black jumper
AndrewQA Analyst
Women with long dark hair, wearing a light pink jacket, smiling.
NagaQA Analyst