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UX, service design, emotional design and content

We create digital solutions that disrupt and transform businesses and organisations for the better - from big corporates to new start-ups to government departments serving all of Aotearoa. Our skills run from speculative design through to research, UX, brand and creative. This enables us to connect business strategy and purpose with a deep understanding of customer needs and human behaviour while bringing the heart and emotion to a solution too. This is how we deliver experiences that are not only useful and meaningful but also beautiful and engaging for the people who use them. 

Our team thrive on blank canvas projects where we help to define the direction, then unravel the complexity and create elegant and elevated experiences for users. 

In a world where digital products have become homogeneous, our designers are changing the game, helping our clients to differentiate their businesses in new and inventive ways. Yes, we can produce the patterns and design systems that enable fast-paced, quality delivery but we go beyond that too, with emotive solutions that embody your brand’s personality at every layer.

UX design

To deliver the right solution, we explore all the key factors at play for your users, your business and the world you work in. We’ll go on this journey together through discovery, research, mapping, wireframing and prototyping, interaction design and usability testing, all culminating in an elegant digital solution that makes life better for the people who use it.

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Service design

Our service designers help to streamline complete ecosystems of people, processes and technology, to support and enable exceptional customer service and better ways of working for your business. They’ll map out all the customer behaviours, existing touchpoints and system actions in the mix, ensuring that all of these external and internal elements are working in concert.

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Emotional design

We’re renowned for delivering great quality solutions but our secret strength is in the way we translate brands into the digital space in a truly authentic and engaging way. Whether you want to bring your current brand to life in your digital product or work with us to explore a new visual identity that captures the energy and essence of what you do, our skilled team of creatives can employ brand strategy, visual storytelling, animation and illustration to produce an online experience that will set your business apart.

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Meaningful and effective communication with your customers is critical to success and we can help ensure that happens throughout your solution and beyond.

From the organisation of information to the structure, style, language and tone - we can devise a clever content approach, determine the best channels for your messaging, build style guides to support and empower your content teams and produce lively copy that ensures your customers feel seen, valued and motivated.

Design clients

Design wizards

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